मज़हब ठंड का इंतजार नहीं था,

अा ही गई फ़िर से

बच्चों को ठंड से बचाने की तकनीक है क्या ?

ऐ खुदा हमारा लिहाज़ देखते हुए ही ठंड बढ़ाना।

Change in yourself! Gandhi’s excellence. Thank you bro!

Times by times we seek to see ourselves submerged at the tide of this shaking ride of life. We are unaware of the scenario of societies where minds of others is far away from ours but we are unable to recognise and understand. But this time when we make a step towards betterment, our leader, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, comes to our mind with his excellent sayings. We commit different kinds of things which hurts our people. This is so immense. Take the case of politics, where, competition is much more than that of steps taken by the leaders, expenditure on advertisement is much more than that of betterment of needies, and, then they say, India is not developed. Come on everyone! We are the youth, we know what is to be done. We know, instead of such expenditures, we can make the biggest change ever experienced. ‘There is enough for everybody’s need, not for everybody’s greed’ well said, bro! We know what to do, we know where our India can be but instead of togetherness, we are separated by parts, religions, gender, etc. Give your effort, and see the change.

Good Happy Day

Drizzle, tea and the music serves the best combination for tightness. To get it out, have it. Have some fun. Life, is on going buddy;) give yourself some time to brisk your mind. Nothing much, no yoga, no exercise, just sit and think about yourself, your motives or your ambitions maybe. Don’t take your life seriously and don’t be studious. To get out of your bastard mind, sleep is even a better option to go with. Breathe. Everything is yours and all the positivity of the universe will serve your ambitions when you serve your mind. Think on it. Give yourself some time. Come on, All okay!

An Unpacked Dinner

Dusty wooden carpet, same two year old clothes, he never complaint, never blamed. A boy encountering the sun coz there is none, praising its beauty and praying for meal. Spotting a women approaching her, he heartly prays for her for being her mother whom he lost when he was six. Acquainted with isolation, he lives hopeless, unaware of what to do, he sees rays of hope in the women. Can anyone tell that little guy? There is none. It was just a deception. The boy walks out, getting off his illusion. Not his fault! Is this life? Always unfavorable!. “Hopes are everything”, the guy motivates himself while serving the food to his master. “Anything else sir?” asked the boy. “Two more” replied the master. And the boy finally finds the leftover food as his first meal of the day in dinner.

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